Advocacy – Library Budget


2020-2021 ADJUSTED BUDGET:  $1,221,000

2021-2022 REQUESTED:  $1,521,544


PERCENT CHANGE:  19% (after factoring in $200,000 in cuts by the City Council last year).

This year’s budget request number is based on the Main Library being open 45 hours per week.

Currently, the library is open 39 hours/week and programming is limited due to COVID.

Due to the $200,000 cut for FY21, four full-time positions have not been replaced at this time after attrition and retirements.

The Allingtown library also is where some of the cost savings have been seen. Ora Mason is only open 2 days/week due to budget cuts.

Thanks to a PPP loan in April of 2020, many large expenses for FY21 were taken care of in June 2020 including medical costs for staff.

The number requested is slightly higher than what is listed in the Mayor Nancy Rossi’s 5-year plan, which has a budget number of $1,446,000